Dr. & Mrs. Gellman are looking forward to moving into their new home in Holly Hills which is just a short skip away from historic Williamsburg. We appreciate this opportunity to work with them as well as continuing our working relationship with Michael Brown Builders. This is definitely a project you will want to follow throughout the phases.

Mrs. Gellman has been very instrumental in communicating her visions on how they would like to see the landscaping turn out. By working together, we have designed a project that will more than compliment their beautiful new home.

This project is scheduled to be completed before next spring and as you may tell by some of the initial site photos, there are many challenges facing us. One of our priorities is to control the drainage situation that comes from having an eight foot grade change from the front door to the street. Stay tuned to see how we plan to grade and direct the water around each side of the house.

Phase 1: With all of the grade challenges before us, stone wall terraces have been designed throughout the landscaping. Mrs. Gellman chose to use Hanover Chapel Stone which has a remarkable resemblance to natural stone. Our first phase will be terracing along the side of the house so we can begin working with the grade challenges. Phase 2: By cutting out and terracing approximately four feet of grade in the back yard will allow us to make way for a roomy paver patio and landscaping to compliment the setting. Multiple stone stair cases will also provide a user friendly way to navigate the grades.