Dr. & Mrs. Clark's new home on the James River is only several weeks from being completed. As the initial stages of the landscape's hardscaping plan begins to take shape, join us throughout the process.

Phase 1: Construction of the retaining/sitting walls along the back porch. Theses walls provide a nice transition from the back patio to the upper porch, plus can be used as a sitting surface when enjoying the outdoors. The back patio and walls were designed and constructed to allow the upper porch to pass building codes without having rails blocking the magnificent view. Phase 2: Construction of another retaining/sitting wall along the bulk head by the river. The height of the wall allows us to change the pitch and grade of the hillside preventing erosion and creating more versatility with the final landscape design. Phase 3: Construction of a stone staircase terracing the hill and creating a very user friendly way of getting up and down the hillside. By incorporating columns, pavers, bull nose stepping treads and low-voltage lighting makes this an elegant addition to the landscape and also has the structural strength to withstand the conditions along the river.