After several months of dramatic home improvements, David and Marti Caldwell are excited to move their family into their new home on Riverside Drive. With the construction process completed, the importance of curb appeal and creating a landscape to compliment their remodeling investment and their lifestyle becomes a priority.

Phase 1: Jeff presented a couple of concepts to the Caldwells showing how a driveway could be constructed along with a landscaping design so they would compliment each other. In less than a minute of being able to view how the different styles of driveways would impact their front aesthetics, the Caldwells made a decision and we were off to the next phase of finalizing plant material. Phase 2: Choosing plant material to compliment a home can really make a project come out great. We enjoyed the Caldwells' involvement and enthusiasm when it came time to discuss, view and choose the plant material for their landscaping. By incorporating plant material the homeowners like and helped pick out gives everyone involved a sense of pride in creating the landscape. Check out the initial stages of bed preparation and plant installation. Phase 3: Now that the landscaping and irrigation have been installed it is time to bring in the instant lawn. In just a few hours, United Turf Inc. installs the Tall Fescue sod and instantly it appears the Caldwell's have lived here for years.