Let's get away for the weekend!!! Phase 2: Check out the latest addition to the Borman's "River House getaway"? You can almost smell the steaks cooking on their new outdoor kitchen. After supper, what better way to enjoy the good times than to gather around the fire pit and enjoy the stories of the "fish that got away." With these great additions? it turned the "River House" into the perfect weekend getaway home.

Mr. & Mrs. Borman have special get away that is not far from their residence in Williamsburg. With just a short drive, they are in place I still don't understand how they found.

I would love to share with you the location, but have been sworn to secrecy!

Phase 1: For this project, we were blind folded, spun around three times and dropped off to build a paver patio, fire pit and steps off the existing deck. This addition allows them to further enjoy the peace and tranquility their special getaway.